Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz

Interim Head of 4D Cellular Physiology

My lab focuses on the organellar and trafficking systems underlying different cellular functions, including secretion, endocytosis, cell crawling and polarization, and viral budding. Most of this work has been performed on cells of a single type grown in controlled media on flat glass coverslips. We know very little about how these functions occur in the multifaceted cell types comprising an intact animal, in which cells are exposed to fluctuating nutrients and/or stressors and interact with each other in three-dimensions over time. As part of the new 4DCP direction, we aim to study organelle-mediated functions in the context of cells within intact tissues. We hope to learn how these functions vary among the different cell types of a tissue, how they link to metabolic and physical states of cells, and how this enables cells in a tissue to operate individually and interdependently to allow the organism to develop, remodel, heal and compute. We will employ many advanced light and EM approaches as well as advances in theory and molecular biology for this endeavor. We welcome self-starting, creative postdoc candidates who want to study these or other 4DCP-related conundrums in tissues and who want to take advantage of Janelia’s tool-rich and collaborative environment.

See Lippincott-Schwartz Lab website.