Ron Vale

Executive Director

For my 34-year scientific career at UCSF, I have taken a reductionist approach to cell biology, reconstituting phenomena such as motility, cytoskeleton regulation, or signaling pathways in test tubes or through studying cells in culture. However, my lab at Janelia will shift and fully embrace the new 4DCP direction. My Janelia lab is starting with two postdocs—Patrick Chitwood and Christina Gladkova. As a system, we are starting by studying the liver, a system rich in cell biological questions and amenable to gene delivery and microscopy. Initially, Patrick and Christina will be focused on organelle cell biology of liver hepatocytes, particularly how proteins are sorted and targeted to apical and basal compartments and how mitochondria are positioned with cells, employing advanced light and electron microscopy as well as protein biochemistry to study these problems. We welcome independent, creative postdoc applicants who want to study these or start new 4DCP problems on liver or other tissues and who want to take advantage of Janelia’s collaborative environment.