Cell Map


CellMap is an exciting new Janelia Project Team that will interrogate the 3D architecture and subcellular structures of cells in tissues at unprecedented resolution for 21st century histology and pathology. CellMap, a multidisciplinary effort, fosters innovation and collaboration of Janelia’s scientific groups. Utilizing the focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy (FIB-SEM) technology developed by Harald Hess and Shan Xu at Janelia, and in collaboration with experts in chemistry, advanced imaging, biology, computation and computer vision, CellMap creates an intellectual hub that brings together Janelia’s talented scientists in labs, shared resources, and Project Teams.

It builds upon the work of FlyEMFIB-SEM Technology, and COSEM. CellMap will have access to these existing technologies and developed pipelines, along with the embedded expertise within current labs. Ultimately, CellMap provides an exciting, collaborative platform, rooted in open science, and opening up new opportunities for scientific discovery and impact within Janelia and in collaboration with the global research community.