Harold Hess

Senior Group Leader

My lab focuses on developing new technology for the service to biologists. This is mainly based on both electron and optical microscopy, with an emphasis to develop new capability that does not currently exist. 

Past examples include, PhotoActivated Localization Microscopy PALM developed with my colleague Eric Betzig 15 years ago, to go beyond the diffraction limit, an interferometric version to get best in class 3D localization of labeled proteins, optimization and adoption of focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy FIB-SEM for getting large volume 3D electron microscope data for connectomics to derive the fly brain wiring diagram and more recently to apply this to variety of cell and tissue samples, cryo correlative work flows where both electron and light modalities are combined to make protein colorized volume EM images.  Current projects target extending these capabilities to even larger volumes appropriate for tissues with multi beam electron microscopes and even better 3D correlative resolution.  With this and together with advanced new Janelia probes and labels and specialized data processing capabilities from my colleagues, we hope to make Janelia a place of unique imaging opportunity of interest for 4DCP scientists.  

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