Group Leader

My lab is interested in exploiting the photophysical and nanoscale properties of carbon nanostructures to develop new tools and technologies that enable us to sense biomolecules of interest to the neuroscience field.

Research in my lab spans the realm of surface chemistry of carbon nanostructures, particularly of single wall carbon nanotubes for biosensor development, and imaging using their unique emission in the short-wave infrared window of the spectrum. We have a genuine interest in going after biological questions that are uniquely enabled by the tools we develop, either within the lab or in collaboration with others. We are also interested in developing microscopes that enable us to image in the near and short-wave infrared regions of the spectrum, thereby opening up an underutilized region of the electromagnetic spectrum for biological research. I anticipate that 4DCP will benefit from exploring imaging in SWIR, where scattering and autofluorescence, two issues that limit depth penetration in thick specimens, are greatly mitigated. I am interested in developing both the probes (fluorophores, biosensors, implantable devices) as well as the microscopes that enable us to take advantage of imaging in SWIR. For more, see Beyene lab website.

Beyene Lab website.